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Hello and welcome to the Disc Golf Show Episode 57


Today is Sunday, Mar 4th.


And our guest host is the leader of Ladies First Disc Golf which she founded in 2015, president of Disc On! Ladies league in Wisconsin and she serves on the PDGA Women’s Committee?.. The one and only Jenny San Filippo!


  1. 2018 PDGA Women’s Global Event
    1. May 12, across the world
    3. Find an event near you


  1. More websites for female disc golfers


  1. PDGA Radio (podcast) returns after almost 8 years of absence
    1. Hosts Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson


  1. PDGA’s Eight to Watch in -18
    1. Ellen Widboom
    2. Rebecca Cox
    3. Madison Walker
    1. Austin Turner
    2. Kevin Jones
    3. Grady Shue
    4. Nick Wood
    5. Garrett Gurthie
    1. Females
    2. Males

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  1. Feb 22-25 – Las Vegas Challenge
    1. Crazy wind on Thursday for the later cards for the first round
    2. Quite a few new names were on the lead card, along with Nikko Locastro, after round one due to the late wind
    3. Paige had a round first round and Catrina Allen was able to take the lead tied with Sai Ananda
    1. Eagle McMahon came to fight and took down his first National Tour event by 4 strokes over the rest of the field
    2. Paige fought back over the final three rounds to the win by 3 strokes
    1. Round 1
    2. The top pros showed how to play in Round 2 and 3
    3. Round 4


  1. Do you think two days is enough time for players between two big events like the Las Vegas Challenge to The Memorial?


  1. Feb 28-March 3 – The Memorial
    1. The real battle ended up being between Jessica Weese and Lisa Fajkus which ended up in a tie for 2nd
    1. Tie at the top between 5 players at -10
    1. Locastro stays on the lead card
      1. Video playback does show he was way over a foot behind his marker, definitely over the allowed distance in which your foot needs to be close to the marker
    2. Controversy – Big call by Locastro on a foot fault at hole 12 by Ricky but no one seconds the call.
    1. Simon and Eagle give themselves a little cushion in 1st and 2nd place going into the final round
    2. Paul McBeth did not look like himself as his putts were a bit off and ends up falling off the lead card
    3. James Conrad jumps to the lead card
    1. Nate Sexton hold on to 3rd place
    2. Conrad has quite a few unlucky breaks and falls quite a ways back
    3. Eagle puts the pressure on Simon on the front 9 and ties him at one point
    4. Simon gets a cushion on the back nine and holds off Eagle for the win
    1. Paige Pierce dominates the FPO division and ends up winning by a total of 11 strokes
    2. Round 1
    3. Round 2
    4. Round 3
    5. Round 4


  1. The PDGA Rules Book and Competition Manual now have Czech and Japanese versions available  

Gear/Equipment: (Brought to you by ScoreBand: Use DGS20 for 20% off your purchase)


  1. Prodigy – H1 V2 (Overstable Hybrid Driver)
  2. Prodigy – H3 V2 (Overstable/Slightly Overstable Driver)
  3. Prodigy – H5 (Stable/Understable Driver)
  4. Latitude 64 – Fuji (Overstable Midrange)
    2. 2017 Ace Race Disc
  5. Discraft – Sting (High Speed Understable Driver?)
  6. Discraft – Vulture (Long Range Driver)
  7. Infinite Discs – Exodus (Stable Fairway Driver)
  8. Infinite Discs – Chariot (Midrange)
  9. Infinite Discs – Pharaoh (Distance Driver)
    1. Westside – Anvil
    2. Westside – Maiden
    3. Westside – War Horse
    4. Albatrossdisc – Caravel
    5. Albatrossdisc – Frigate
    6. Albatrossdisc – Galley
    7. RPM/Aotearoa – Kea (MR2)
    8. Black Zombie – Crossbow
    9. MVP Discs – Deflector
    10. Innova – Caiman
    11. DGA – Bonzai
  10. No info



  1. Discraft – Chainstar Pro (Championship Level)
    2. Two 16 chain layers
    2. Two 13 chain layers
  2. Latitude 64 – ProBasket Competition (Championship Level)
    2. Two 14 chain layers
  3. Latitude 64 – ProBasket Elite (Championship Level)




  1. Discmania – PDx
  2. Fossa – Bag


  1. Putter Only Round
    1. Do it!

UDisc Quick Stats

  1. FPO DGPT Stats
    1. She has a 33% birdie stat while the closest to her is Catrina Allen at 24%
    2. Her OB rate is pretty high in the field of players with a .189 but that just means she doesn’t lay up and it seems to be paying of for her
    3. The stats don’t lie, she is the top of the field in birdies, fairways hit, parked, circle 1 and circle 2
    2. Paige Pierce shows that stats matter


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