SewFly – Disc Golf Show Episode 52

And our guest hosts are Paul Kinney SewFly Creator, and Raina the Co-Owner of SewFly!



  1. DGPT – Green Mountain Championships
    1. Round 1
      1. Nate Doss and MJ lead MPO
      2. Paige Pierce leads FPO
      1. Grady Shue aces hole 3 at 305ft
      2. Paul removes himself from the event due to an injured back
      3. Nate maintains the lead by 3 strokes going into Moving Day
      4. Sarah takes the lead by 1 stroke over Paige
    2. Round 2
      1. Sarah Hokom grows her lead to 4 strokes, Paige doesn’t have a great round and drops to 5th
      2. Doss hold on to his 3 stroke lead going into the final round
    3. Round 3
      1. Nate Doss wins wire to wire
        1. Been over 5 years since his last big win, WHAT?!
      2. Paige Pierce puts together an amazing final round to win by one stroke over Sarah Hokom
    4. Round 4


    1. Round 1 – Catrina Allen takes the early lead
    2. Round 2 – Catrina holds on to lead
    3. Round 3 – Paige takes lead by 1 stroke over Catrina
    4. Round 4 – Paige wins with a decent cushion
    5. Should an event of this importance have two round in one day?


  1. Shoutout to “Mom and Old Man”
    1. Just announced at the USWDGC
    2. The only other people, next to “Steady” Ed to be Honorary Eagle Club Members of the PDGA


We would like to thank our sponsor: Disc Golf Pins

  1. Simon is back to the 360 throws even though he stated he was going to stop due to his injury last year!
    1. Will we see him in the World Record Distance Competition again? Hopefully!


  1. USDGC starts on Wednesday, Oct 4-7
    1. Who do you think will win?


Gear/Equipment: (Brought to you by ScoreBand: Use DGS20 for 20% off your purchase)


  1. Discmania – P3x (Large Bead Putter)
    The P3x is another one of our true workhorse putters similar to a P2, yet we spiced it up a bit. For players that love the P2 but find it too deep to latch on to, the P3x is the one for you
  2. Yikun Sports – Lu (loo) (Understable High Speed Driver)
    the LU is much more beginner friendly as it is slightly understable. (14,5,-1,3)
  3. Yikun Sports – Kui (kway) (Midrange)
    KUI was developed as a great roller for beginners and Pros. Release at your preferred angle with confidence. (5,5,0,2.5)
  4. Innova – Aviar X3 (Overstable Putt & Approach)
    The AviarX3 is an overstable putt and approach disc designed to take on the wind. Our most overstable Aviar model to date, the AviarX3 is ideal for headwind upshots and drives
    Star AviarX3 Flight Numbers: 3, 2, 0, 3.
    1. Discraft – Challenger OS
    2. Full Turn – Voyage
  5. No info




  1. ZipChip


  1. Putting from the knee


  • Develop the spin putt


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