Episode 37.5 – A Very Special Episode In Honor of Jeff Lockwood – The Soul Shine Band

Hey everyone. We have a very special episode today. It’s an old episode from back when we still went by SacTown’s Local Lics. This episode is an interview with Sacramento band, The Soul Shine Band. We are sharing this again because we just found out yesterday that the frontman, Jeff Lockwood, passed away yesterday, May 29th. Jeff was a great talent and such a warm spot in the local music scene here in NorCal. We don’t have any details on his passing beyond the fact that he passed surrounded by family and loved ones. Please take a listen to the episode and enjoy listening to Jeff and his bandmates during a time when they were very excited about the things they were getting into.

Rest in Peace, Jeff. You will certainly be missed by the crew at Hear & Now, along with so many others.