Hear & Now – Episode 16 – Warp 11

Warp11_2-16This episode we got the incomparable and always entertaining, Captain Karl of Warp 11 in studio. This interview and entire episode was so much fun to record and Captain Karl was so much fun, as he always is. Some might even say he’s the chicken of podcast guests (listen to the episode to appreciate that comment. Captain Karl brought along with him a track off Warp 11’s latest album, Rock Out With Your Spock Out. We also have a couple copies of this latest album now in our pile of crap to give away. So, be sure to enter for a chance to get your copy.

We also have some great tunes from Rancid, New Order, and the always great Arctic Monkeys. Tune in, enjoy, enter to win crap, call us to tell us what you think, and tell your friends 🙂

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A playlist of the songs we talk about can be found on Spotify here: Hear & Now – Episode 16 Song Playlist

The link to the show notes can be found here: Episode – 16 Show Notes