42: Careers vs. Relationships – Real Talk with Music Artist Erica Ambrin

Episode 42 of this podcast took place on location at Low Brau restaurant in downtown Sacramento, CA.  I am your host Myki Angeline: speaker, podcast philanthropist, and blogger on Medium.com (The Bad Filipino).  I interview incredible singer/songwriter, hip hop female artist Erica Ambrin right before she moves back to the beautiful island of Maui, HI.  We happen to be great friends, which only adds to the vibe and dynamic to his episode.

Our topic is centered around relationships – how each of us view dating, how we meet other women (in person, phone apps, online dating), marriage, and whether an entrepreneur can develop a relationship while building your career.  No holds barred in our convo, as we give personal examples with our own love lives.

Plus, I had streamed our interview on Facebook LIVE at the same time.

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