44: Sports Talk With Coach Dante Street; The Pros And Cons Of The Entrepreneur Life

Episode #44 of this podcast takes place on location at the Elephant Bar and Restaurant in Sacramento, CA with my wonderful guest – high school football coach Dante Street, the founder of Coach’s Corner.  I had a great time talking about our favorite all time football players in the game, and what it takes to coach high school football.

But, our main focus of this podcast is on the entrepreneur life and what we both have experienced as newbies in the game.  We discuss the hustle and sacrifice it takes, if if is even possible to maintain a social life, or even a love life while you are building your brand, and the importance of embracing the suck as you journey towards greatness.

Much love to Sacramento musician Jayson Angove for his new, unreleased song, “Get Yourself Clean” which was used in the intro of this podcast episode!

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