Nova Dark – Pilot Episode 01 Audio Drama

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by and downloading the very first episode of Nova Dark. This episode sets the story for the rest of the series, and takes place 900 years in the future (the universe is from Star Citizen find out more about the game at and follows Captain Theo Dignitas and his crew on one of their most perilous missions yet. What dangers lie in wait for them? Will the crew successfully complete their mission on time or at all? Give this episode a listen and find out!

This first pilot episode has been in the making for the better part of a year and it’s our very first Audio Drama project. We had to make everything from scratch; music, script, Foley, sound effects (some of these we borrowed from the game), etc. We learned a lot from this experience and we really put a ton of effort into its production. With that said, this is our very first attempt at audio drama and we would love any criticisms you may have. Please send your comments or questions to

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See you in the verse!

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