Character Bios

Jack Neus:

Jack Neus is the newest member of Captain Theo Dignitas’ crew aboard Bruto Enterprises flagship vessel the Horizon One. Mr. Jack Neus was one of over 400 applicants for his current position but with his exemplary career in the UEE Navy, his vast knowledge of craft weapons systems and ordnance technologies, and one hell of an entrance interview he not only was hired for the position but also has been accelerated in rank to S-2 at Bruto Enterprises. Jack will be taking his first flight with the crew when he is fully mission ready in a few months time.

Theo “Dig” Dignitas:

Theo “Dig” Dignitas is the captain of Bruto Enterprises’ flagship vessel the Horizon One. Dignitas has been a pilot of the corporation for 18 years, and is the highest rated and most experienced pilot of the corporation. His crew has been rated the top crew of the corporation for the last 10 years in a row.

Mark “Oak” Aekerman:

Mark “Oak” Aekerman is the pilot of Bruto Enterprises’ flagship vessel the Horizon One. He started his career flying vessels for the company over 8 years ago. Mark is the only pilot that has received a perfect score on every check-ride with the company to date. Mr. Aekerman’ is steadfast and confident demeanor in the pilot seat of any craft the corporation has to offer has earned him the call-sign Oak.

Viktor Grecco:

Viktor Grecco is the engineer of Bruto Enterprises’ flagship vessel the Horizon One. He is considered to be amongst the top engineers within the company. Don’t let his sense of humor fool you, Viktor’s formal education in Aerospace Engineering and strong work ethic in the field got him voted as Bruto Enterprises’ Engineer of The Year. Viktor has yet to find a ship he cannot fix.