Drama Synopsis

This audio drama is set in the Star Citizen universe almost 900 years in the future. The earth now has a singular global government that is referred to as the U.E.E. (United Earth Empire). The U.E.E. has discovered a few alien races (some friendly, and some hostile) and uncovered many planets and star systems. The story starts off in a ship hangar owned by Roarick Bruto Enterprises. Captain Theo “Dig” Dignitas has just arrived before he and his crew are about to depart for a mission. Surprisingly his old friend from his college days has been recently hired by Bruto Enterprises and was selected to join the Captain’s crew.

Bruto Enterprises:

The Bruto family had already made a name for themselves as personnel transportation professionals during the initial exodus of Earth. However, by the 26th century, the Bruto Family was determined to expand and secure their legacy in the rapidly changing universe.

As the UNE evolved into the UPE and expanded well beyond the Sol System, demand for intergalactic commerce increased dramatically. With 70% of the human population living off-world in the early 2500s, the trade industry needed a new leader.

Bruto Enterprises established their first base of operations on Earth. By the time super-earth Terra was settled, a second base of operations was constructed. Earth, Terra and over ten of the UPE’s systems were now bridged. Bruto Enterprises not only secured their future as a leader of commerce, but also managed to ensure that the UEE and its allies continued to prosper well into the current millenia.

Today, Bruto Enterprises is used by many citizens, however it is one of the largest transportation organizations used by the UEE to transport the bulk of its military assets.

“Every ship needs a captain and the world of commerce is no different.” — Roarick Bruto, Chairman, Bruto Enterprises